Old Friends and New

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I was still on my knees praying that God would broaden our network of friends and acquaintances when there was a knock at the door, reminding me of Isaiah 65:24, ”before they finish speaking, I will answer.” I guessed it to be L. S., a woman in her twenties who has come asking for food to feed her family for the last two months. I’m not sure of all her circumstances, but we help when we can. “Odd,” I thought, “L. S. was just here yesterday.”

Standing there on our porch was a young couple looking for work. We had met them once before. They are both newly out of the local treatment center and want a fresh start. The girl asked if they could rake the leaves in our yard or do whatever to earn a little money. Of course, you can, I thought. (Cindy loves to be outside working in the yard with her hands in the dirt, but I figured she would understand.) They did a stellar job. When they finished, I’m sure there wasn’t another yard in town looking as good as ours. Cindy asked them to come back in a few days to help us out around here (really, so we can help them out), and we will be praying they do.

Attending college on the reservation has been an amazing learning experience. We have made friends with several young people full of life as well as many of the college staff. One of our instructors has even invited us to a barbeque this summer. We hoped to meet people wanting to know their Bible better, but instead, God prompted people we have already connected with at the Sunday church next door to ask us to lead a Bible study every Thursday. I’m not sure how the two fit together, but God is moving, and we are going to follow.

Cindy and I will not be taking any more classes until next fall. In the coming months, we plan to direct our energies on the opening of the Living Hope Center, nurture the relationships we have been blessed to make, and document what we have learned about the local culture. We want to make new friends and understand more. That’s what I was praying about when the knock came at the door.

Two thousand years ago, it took the energies of a small group of young men and women to start a movement that turned the world upside down. More recently, another group of young people 150 years ago did much the same. God has a plan. I’m not sure if this couple will want to study the Bible or not. We have only just begun to know each other. But I’m convinced God heard my prayers and timed their knock to encourage us.

Thank you for your prayers.