Training Options

We think of training in terms of who we are responsible to prepare and what tasks we are preparing you for.  We have organized AFM training into the following sections to help you find the training option that is designed to prepare you for effective cross-cultural disciple-making ministry. 

Career Missions Training

To be a frontier career missionary requires a commitment to lifelong learning, growth and personal development.  There are few occupations that demand so much from so few people.  Over the course of the lifetime of a project an individual is required to master fundraising, creative writing, photography, linguistics, anthropology, strategy and tactics, curriculum design, soul winning, disciple making, leadership development and training of trainers among other things.  There are no shortcuts to becoming a frontier missionary.  Look here to explore some milestones in the life-long journey of becoming a world class missionary. 

Short-Term/Student Missions Training

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a life of missions is to enroll in AFM’s Frontier Academy aka our short term or student missionary experience. For this reason we have one of the longest and most intensive short term missionary training programs out here.  Your primary role is going to be to serve and support missionaries—a missions internship, if you please.  To prepare you for this task you will learn:

  • To build effective and cohesive teams that demonstrate the Gospel we are called to preach.
  • How to learn the local language – the key to unlock people’s hearts.
  • How to take care of yourself, spiritually, mentally and physically.
  • AFM’s church planting cycle and how you will fit into it.
  • What it means to embark on the discipleship adventure Jesus call us to
  • About worldview and how it will impact your ability to communicate with your people
  • To engage in spiritual warfare
  • And lots more.

We are thrilled that you have chosen to join us.  We look forward to learning where God is taking you on your journey.

Work for Another Agency or On Your Own?

You are welcome to attend AFM’s summer training.  Take a look at the offering above and decide which is best for you.  You will have a little paperwork to fill out and the Human Resource committee will need to approve your application.  We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Specialized Seminars and Consulting Services

AFM also offers customized training seminars and consulting services to help your church or ministry. These specialized training events are typically 10 days long or, in some cases, only a weekend. If you are interested, contact our training director to arrange for a training event or request consulting services