Seminars & Consulting Services

You may not have time to attend AFM’s summer training, but you would really like to grow yourself or your people.  AFM offers the following custom service that might be of interest to you:

Weekend missions promotion events

We would be glad to help you promote cross cultural frontier missions at your church or institution.  We give priority to invitations that present opportunities to partner rather than just popping in for the weekend.  It’s all about Discipleship.  If we can partner with a larger initiative you are working on in our church or help you initiate a focus on foreign missions at your church we would be thrilled to help.  AFM is looking for people and partners so let us know how we can partner with you.  Unfortunately we can only do three or four of this kind of events a year so we ask that you plan ahead with us if you think we could help you.

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Training Events

You can invite one of AFM’s trainers to come to your church or institution to offer a week long training event.  This has taken the shape of a week of prayer, presenting classes to church members in the evenings and teaching for training programs.  Topics that we are prepared to cover include:

1.  Discipleship
2.  Team Building
3.  World View Evangelism
4.  Cross-cultural church planting

We have capacity to conduct two or three of this kind of event a year.  Please give us six to twelve months to plan with you so that we can be sure an include you in our calendar.

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Consulting Services

The AFM training team has spent years consulting with frontline missionaries.  We are currently exploring the possibility of bring this expertise to churches in the reached part of the world.  Consulting is slightly different from our teaching services in that it entails a longterm relationship in partnership with key leadership and focuses on developing organizational health and enriching mission effectiveness.  Building organizational health includes forming high functioning teams, creating organizational clarity and then helping to drive that clarity throughout your organization.  We do assessments to help you understand your team, facilitate team building activities and can provide conflict coaching. 

Our larger goal is to help establish functional disciple-making communities that are equipped to make disciples as well as prepare disciple makers for the unreached.  This is a new service offered by AFM and at this point we are only able to work with one or two organizations at a time.  Requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis for fit, timing and calling.  We look forward to helping your church become part of a network of disciple making communities around the world.

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