Course Descriptions

The purpose of Adventist Frontier Missions’ training program is to prepare you for mission life. Courses cover various topics such as mission anthropology, relief and development, spiritual issues, and much more. We have included a sample of our course descriptions to give you an idea of what we cover during summer training.

  • Mission Anthropology, An Introduction to Culture and Worldview: 
An exploration of the dimensions, contours and aspects of worldview and how it relates to Christian mission and development work.
  • Family Transitions and Related Issues in Cross-Cultural Mission: 
Identifies the major challenges in cross-cultural transitions of families and provides suggestions for proactive adjustment strategies.
  • Language and Culture Acquisition: Teaches the LAMP method of simultaneous language and culture acquisition.
  • Advanced Mission Anthropology/Worldview Dynamics: 
An in-depth study of acquisition, cataloging and application of anthropological field data in preparation for developing a culturally adapted Bible-study curriculum.
  • Team Leadership and Formation/Healthy Teams: 
Lays a philosophical and practical foundation for healthy team building where ideological conflict and interpersonal challenge become tools for team growth and maturity.
  • The Crucible
: The Crucible has come to be legendary among trainees. This is a long weekend survival training course that simulates life in extreme environments. It will test resolve, temper, body, and faith while teaching valuable skills in team-building, conflict resolution and leadership.
  • Crucial Conversations, Working with SMs, Adventure Training: Crucial Conversations covers psychological issues in mission service. Working with SM’s is an introduction to student missionary service, nurture and care. Adventure Training involves outdoor trust and team building exercises.
  • Strategic Planning: An introduction to AFM’‘s church-planting cycle and concepts of the logical framework, goal setting, and goal realization.
  • Medical Ministry and Program Development: Introduces medical issues in the developing world and provides simple tools and strategies for effective personal medical care and program development.
  • Prayer and Spiritual Issues: An intensive look at the spiritual challenges of working in an often isolated foreign culture. Teaches the benefits, blessings and healing power of prayer.
  • Cross-Cultural Church Planting: This course seeks to bring all of the principles of training together to demonstrate how to plant a church movement cross-culturally.
  • Missionary Safety and Security: An introduction to the issue of missionary security.
  • Project Finance and Policy: 
A survey of AFM‘’s principles of financial management of project funds.
  • Orientation to Communications and Writing This course underlines writing effectively, article submission requirements, photography tips as well as the various resources available for donor relations.
  • HR and Development An introduction to AFM policy, organizational structure and development functions.

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