Worker Training

An important part of our ministry here in Benin is training our workers who take care of the churches in the villages. Every Thursday, Fidel meets with the workers at the church in Tanguieta to go over various topics. They study Bible passages together and discuss cultural issues. Often they talk about dealing with demon possession or oppression, a big problem here that can cause major issues in the church. Many people have been consecrated to demons since birth. What does one do when a member is found to be sacrificing to a fetish?

We also have a special quarterly retreat for our workers, a time of fasting, prayer and study. They have classes throughout the day and the evening on topics such as pastoral ethics, individual study, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, making disciples, cultural issues, AFM ministry methods and many others. The workers come back refreshed and reinvigorated for the work ahead of them. Please continue to pray for our workers.

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