Watching Waves

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The moment our friend mentioned her plan to go and watch the waves — maybe assuming no one else enjoyed doing so — we invited ourselves along. We were thrilled to join her and take in the excitement; anything with friends here is truly a joy.

It is still pretty cold here in Croatia, so when we walked up to the edge of the wall wearing long pants and jackets, expecting to see giant waves and getting splashed, we were a bit disappointed that the water was gently lapping the wall. Our friend assured us the waves were much higher only a few minutes before. We walked closer toward the water, and although she warned us to step back, we felt confident that we would have enough time to run away when we saw the waves getting too high.

But the sea is unpredictable, like life, and I think we would all like to know what’s around the corner. I want to know when I am about to go through a season of doubt, drought and heartache. I want to know when I am going to be overwhelmed with joy and when our finances will balance out just right for the month. I have been struggling with so much this week, asking the Lord many questions. I wish I could say He has answered. But in His wisdom, He is choosing to remain silent for a season.
Like the wave that did come and soak Gabe, me and the children, I know the Lord will speak to us about our next steps when He is ready. I long for that time. Until then, we will be patiently waiting on the edge, listening for His voice.

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