Training our Workers

One of our most important jobs is to train our workers who take care of the churches in surrounding villages. Every Thursday, Fidel and most or all of the workers meet at the church in Tanguieta. Sometimes they study the Bible together, and other times they discuss cultural issues. Sometimes they talk about how to deal with a case of demonic possession or oppression. This is a common challenge that can cause big issues in the church. What does one do when a member is found sacrificing to a fetish? Many people were consecrated to fetishes at birth by their parents.

We also have a quarterly training retreat where we take our workers to a place of rest for a time of fasting, prayer and shared study. They have classes throughout the day and in the evening. Some of the topics they deal with are pastoral ethics, individual study, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, making disciples, cultural issues, AFM’s ministry methods and many other topics. The workers come back with their spirits refreshed and with new energy for ministry. Please continue to pray for our workers.

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