They Heard It for Themselves

Rigobert had learned the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church and was baptized in 2020, just before the pandemic arrived. Soon, he was working as the director of a small church in the village of Kountori. Excited by his new experience with Christ, Rigobert went and talked to his family, who lived in a different village. For some time after that, his family believed he had become involved with a cult and were worried for him.

At the end of December 2021, the SDA churches in the Pendjari region convened for a large thirteenth-Sabbath celebration. Rigobert invited his family. Wanting to see more about the church he had become involved with, his family rented a minibus, and everyone went to the celebration. Soon after arriving, they reasoned that the church was not a cult and that the teachings were from the Bible. They continued becoming more excited as the day progressed, and by the end, they wanted to know more about the church.

When his family returned home, they decided they wanted an SDA church in their village. They entered the woods and cut down logs, notching a Y-shape on the upper end. They also cut smaller logs to use in the upper roof and smaller sticks to fill holes. Finally, long grass was woven into mats and then laid over the stick roof.

Three weeks later, when Fidel thought the time was right, he visited their village and taught them about Jesus. They confessed their faith in Him and committed to knowing Him better. Please pray for this new group.

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