The Travelling Story

I know that story, I thought with wonder, the Palawano words making surprising connections in my brain. “How does Mayra know it? Who told it to her?” It was Sabbath afternoon. We were at the branch Sabbath School in the village of Cabangaan. This is an exciting ministry, as it is a church plant led by Palawanos!

Our children’s leader broke her foot in a motorcycle accident, so others have filled in for her. This week, the teenage girls in the church were teaching the younger children. Mayra began telling a story:

There was a chief who had no sons, only daughters. He was concerned about who would marry his daughter and become the next ruler of his people. So he proposed a contest to all the eligible young men. He gave each of them a seed. They were to care for their seed and grow it into a plant. At the specified time, they were to return with their plants, and the chief would judge who would marry his daughter and become the next ruler.

Despite all his tender efforts, one young man couldn’t get his seed to germinate. On the specified day, the other young men came bearing beautiful plants. What’s the use of showing my empty pot? the young man thought. But he joined the others.

“What happened to your plant?” the chief asked him. He explained that he had cared for the seed, but it had not sprouted Then, to his astonishment, the chief called for everyone’s attention. “Ladies and gentleman, we have the winner! This young man shall marry my daughter and become the next ruler. You see,” he continued, “all of those seeds I handed out were boiled. No one’s seed could have sprouted. All of these beautiful plants the other young men have brought were not from my seed. This young man is the only one who honestly followed my directions.”

I really like that story! I remember well when I heard it told by dear Brother B in a children’s story at a church in Virginia. But where had Mayra heard it? I had to ask her. “From Sister Sonya,” she told me. Wow! I knew that Sonya had also heard the story from Brother B in Virginia. Sonya had told the story at least seven months ago here in Palawan. Mayra had remembered it and repeated it! I was blessed and encouraged. Unknown to Brother B, God is using his story to be a blessing here in Palawan!

It is my prayer that in Christ our lives will bless and lead others to Him around the world. I can’t wait till heaven where we’ll hear more stories of how God used our whole-hearted gifts and multiplied them to bless others around the world.

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