The Tide Turns for Pascal

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Pascal, a local villager who was possessed by evil spirits, received them as a young man, as do many people. These spirits controlled his life and made him incapable of reasoning soundly. When someone talked to him, they could not follow what he was talking about.
Pascal was connected with and controlled by a god of the sea, whose ocean territory Satan had made possible to “visit” through a portal in a rice field in their village. Another spirit controlling Pascal made him steal from people. He had stolen all the chickens of the evangelist David. But God gave David patience, and he didn’t do anything to Pascal or even take him to the police.

One night, Pascal knocked on David’s door and asked for help, saying his life was useless — a drunkard without purpose and unable to reason. A season passed, and David’s father died. The next day, David took Pascal to church, where Fidel and other evangelists had been gathering to evangelize the crowds that came for the funeral.

When Pascal arrived, Fidel tried to talk to him and ask him some questions, but no one could understand what he was saying. Fidel said to the evangelists, “Don’t worry about it, just pray. Those are the demons making a racket.”

So evangelists Parfect and Basile, along with Fidel, began praying and worshipping God as the first step in Pascal’s deliverance. The next step was to have Pascal sit down. After another period of prayer and praise, he was able to start reasoning normally. He said that as his thoughts were coming into focus, it was as if the queen of the ocean was throwing nets, trying to keep him from returning to reality.

Fidel and the evangelists again prayed for Pascal and ordered these evil spirits of Satan to leave and never come back. Pascal’s brain started to process normally again, and he gave glory to God, trusting his life into His hands.

Pascal has begun coming to church, and his life has changed, moving forward with God in control and no longer under the influence of Satan and the queen of the ocean anymore. We praise God for blessing Pascal, freeing him from the chains that bound him and giving him a new life. 

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