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Sonny is a man in his late 30s who lives with his family not far from our home. He grew up in Tanguieta, Natitingou and the south of Benin. His tribe are traditionally herders who are very knowledgeable about animals. They are also traditionally Muslim. There are many members of his tribe in our area, and we have been trying to begin work among them. 

Because Sonny lived in the south, he speaks a language that Fidel and our worker Ernest speak. Fidel purchased animals from Sonny’s family, and he frequently asked him for advice about the animals, so they became friends. Sonny has an uncle who pastors a Christian church, and he seems to be open to Christianity. We started to pray that the Holy Spirit would keep working on Sonny’s heart and increase his interest. 

When we needed someone to look after our house and take care of the animals at night, Sonny let us know that he was interested in the job. About that time, Fidel had a motorcycle accident that injured his leg and kept him housebound for almost a month. This gave him extra time to spend with Sonny. They began studying together every evening and on Sabbaths. After much study with Fidel and many prayers and talks, Sonny decided to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

When Sonny told his parents about his decision, they were very upset. His father calmed down soon, but his mother told him to go and live with the Christians and not come to his family if he had any problems. Sonny and his wives and children moved into a hut on the land of a neighbor lady, but soon his mother convinced her to evict him. However, when the lady’s husband heard about the situation, he gave Sonny permission to stay. 

Sonny’s studies with Fidel continued, and Sonny’s wives agreed to follow the Christian path, too. Sonny is literate in several languages including the local language of his people, so I gave him a nice Bible. He has been reading through the book of Genesis.
Please pray for Sonny and his family. He has already started evangelizing his own people, which is a real blessing because his tribe is very resistant to evangelism from outsiders. Please pray that he will be able to surmount the difficulties that come with committing to Jesus, and also the problem of his polygamous marriages. God has a plan for him and his family, and He will work out the difficulties in His time.

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