Ready To Launch

We have met our launching goal!

Thank you to everyone who helped us to get this far. We knew this day would come. We just did not know it would feel like this.

There is excitement, sadness and confusion in our home. Since Abby is seven and Levi is five, they have a hard time fully understanding the move we are about to make. As Abby finishes her last day of skating and gymnastics, she cries because she does not understand why she cannot continue her classes. Levi is more lighthearted about it and is just sad he cannot take his bike to Croatia. We are simultaneously decluttering our home, reading the books required for training, and learning our new language. By the time you read this, we will be in Michigan for training.

Since we planted our church eight years ago, we have had the amazing honor of picking the leaders who will carry on the vision in our absence. This comes with many tears as we fellowship together for the last time with friends who have become family. We rejoice that God has used us to bring so many people together to worship Him and further His kingdom. He has used this experience to give us a vision for Croatia — groups of people from different walks of life coming together to learn more about Jesus.

Through all our sadness and tears, excitement and confusion, we are comforted knowing God is drawing us close to Him.

Please pray with us for the 4.1 million people of Croatia. Their Protestant population is just 0.38 percent, with a Seventh-day Adventist population of only 2,300 members. God has used us as tools in planting a church before. We know He can use us now in a church-planting movement.

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