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Hi, my name is Abby, and I live in Croatia. I moved here because I want to help kids learn about God. My family and I have been here for almost two months, and I have already told my friends here about God.

Some days I miss my family back in the States, but then I go to the park next to my home, and it makes me happy. It has a playground, a rock-climbing wall, a basketball court and a soccer field. Here in Croatia, they call soccer football. Our family sometimes sends us packages from back home to help us feel better.
They do some things a little different here than back home. When I help my mom wash clothes, we hang them outside to dry in the sun because we don’t have a dryer. We also don’t have a car here, so we walk everywhere or take a taxi. One of my favorite places to walk to is the beach. It is pretty close to us. I also like to walk to the bakery and buy burek, a Croatian pastry filled with potatoes.

Besides playing with my new friends, I love playing with all the kittens in the neighborhood. As soon as I walk out of my house, they all come running to me. I enjoy feeding them. We also get to volunteer at the dog shelter and visit the horse farm. I love that, too! Although I miss home, I am getting used to life in Croatia.

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