When we first met eight-year-old Oumar, he was wild and barely controllable. He didn’t speak or communicate in any way. He could hear, but he never responded. When someone would call his name, he would immediately look away. He spent most of his time rolling around on the floor like a baby, laughing strangely. Anytime he got a chance, he would try to dart off and escape.

We heard that Oumar’s parents had asked their fetish god for a son. All too often, these fetish-dedicated children are possessed by spirits and significantly affected. Oumar’s odd behaviors included getting up at night and going to the local cemetery to sleep.

Our church was having 10 days of prayer when one of our worker families brought Oumar to us. We gathered around Oumar and prayed for his deliverance from the spirits. Oumar refused to look at anyone, avoiding eye contact at all costs, constantly uttering his strange little laugh. Fidel prayed and rebuked the demons who were controlling him. Afterward, Oumar was noticeably calmer. The next night, we prayed again for Oumar, and again we noticed some improvement. We continued to pray for him at each meeting, and God worked a miracle in increments, freeing him from demonic bondage.

Oumar has become more engaged with the Sabbath School program. Sometimes he hops around the room, and we have to lead him to his seat, but he no longer tries to escape. He doesn’t sing yet, but he enjoys the singing and claps along. He makes eye contact now and likes to sit on my lap. (I am the only one who will let him because he is usually rather dirty from flopping on the dusty floor.)

Little by little, Oumar is adjusting to life without his tormenting spirits. God is working to develop his mind, and he is learning how to interact with people. Every time we have a prayer meeting, we see positive changes in him. I have heard reports that he has begun to say a few words.

Please keep Oumar in your prayers as God continues to grow him and reverse the damage of years of spirit possession.

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