“Is she still alive? I wondered as I neared the ward where she was staying.

As a nurse, I have seen many people with severe anemia, but none were paler than little Nayla. Four years old and weighing less than 30 pounds, she came to us in the arms of her father.
The first hospital we went to did not have laboratory or blood-transfusion services readily available. Thankfully the second hospital did. Her hemoglobin measured 3.7 g/dl, and they ordered a blood transfusion. They also found that she had falciparum malaria.

Why aren’t they giving her malaria medicine? I wondered. It was now about 10 p.m. The second nurse I talked to agreed to call the doctor for me. The doctor told me she had delayed ordering malaria medication because she thought the patient would not be able to tolerate it. Because I had been with Nayla for the last five hours, I was able to tell the doctor that she had eaten something. The doctor then ordered the malaria medicine to be given. Though we could not speak much with Nayla and her parents, we could show them that we cared by bringing them food.
Nayla’s aunt came to visit her. She was a Christian lady, originally from Manila, who spoke some English. She invited us to their village here in Palawan. I think there are few if any other Christians in this village beside the aunt. I pray that one day we can visit little Nayla’s village and tell them of Jesus and His love.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. God is using you to make a difference in the lives of the native Palawanos. During a stressful moment before Nayla received treatment, God brought you to my mind. I knew you wanted me to do all I could to help this little girl get the help she needed to save her life, and I was cheered on by the thought. *I am so thankful that God used us to help little Nayla receive lifesaving treatment! *She improved quickly and was discharged from the hospital in only three days.

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