Ministry of Reconciliation

Idani was sick, very sick, and his son Vidad took him to the hospital. It looked like he didn’t have that much time to live. He was old and couldn’t even walk.

Vidad began talking with his parents. For many years, there had been a rift between the father and mother, causing much heartache in the household. Vidad started talking with his mother, trying to help her see that how she had treated her husband was not good, especially since she had become a baptized Christian. He said it was time to clear up the problem and ask for forgiveness from her husband.

Vidad then went to his father and talked to him, telling him that the way he had been treating his wife was unkind and that he needed to apologize and change.
Fidel then talked with the husband and wife about reconciliation. The wife knelt before her husband and asked him to forgive her. With many tears, the husband forgave and admitted to his part in the problem. The air was cleared.

Idani felt better and could even lift one of his legs. So, they left the hospital and returned to the village. Fidel prayed with Idani, and Idani chose to follow God and gave his life into His hands. Idani promised that if he were still alive on Sabbath, he and the whole family would be in church.

Unfortunately, he died after vespers that Friday night. Because he was the chief of the village, many people attended his funeral that Sunday. Fidel and the village evangelists came together to support the family and speak with and evangelize as many people as possible.

God is mighty to save and heal families and to bring people to their knees before Him in healing and forgiveness. Life is short. If you have a rift in your family, don’t wait to get it fixed. Take it to God and then make the effort to ask for forgiveness and healing. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, Vidad had asked his mother and father to reconcile, and God gave Idani time for his household to heal and for Idani to give his life to Him and His Son. God has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

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