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Metaou, now a well-educated man having advanced beyond many of his peers, was sent to stay with an older cousin when he was young. Metaou was energetic, keeping the house and yard clean, and was at the top of his class in high school. His cousin saw how hard he worked and had him take care of a bar she owned. This was when Metaou’s problems started.

She would involve Metaou in animistic rituals, which she could then use to cast spells, drawing villagers in to drink and spend all their money. In this way, Satan influences an area.

Metaou continued to work for his cousin until, one day, she told him that she was going to take him somewhere. They left the house at 1:00 a.m., carrying a sacrificial goat on their motorcycle and rode to a lowland bush area away from the village. There, they used other implements connected with a local demon. Other men who had gone with them began evil spiritual rituals. Satan presented himself in visible form, and a demon spoke to the cousin and asked her if the boy had come with her. “Yes,” she responded.

Metaou was scared, thinking he had been brought there as a sacrifice to get money. “I will fight them all if I have to,” he told himself. But his cousin had brought him there to make a pact with Satan since he was the one working in the bar. The demon declared that all manner of evil things would occur in the house. Then Metaou’s cousin took him, and they left.

Metaou continued his last year of high school when he had the most difficult exam to pass to graduate, but he could not focus as before. He, who had always been at the top of his class, was now having trouble concentrating and did not pass the exam. He would have to repeat the year.

But God had a plan for him and his cousin. His cousin’s brother chased him from the house. Since he was now away from satanic influence, Metaou was able to pass the exams the next year and go to university. The four years went by, and he worked to earn money to pay for his final exams, as his cousin refused to help.

But when he returned to the village, he was again under attack, encountering strange sights and drinking alcohol continuously. Though a university graduate, his drinking then took him from being considered important to being considered a nobody.

One day, Metaou decided he had had enough and started to attend church. David, the evangelist, started to pray with him and found him a job as a teacher. He was a great teacher, and the children loved him. The school director was surprised and asked if he was attending the Adventist church in Metaou’s village. The proof lay before the director. He saw the change in Metaou’s life: He didn’t drink anymore, and he lived differently.

But Satan wasn’t yet ready to let Metaou be completely free. As Metaou walked, he would hear a voice behind him, but no one was there. When Metaou would lie in bed, he would hear whispering and the demons calling to him. They mocked him, bringing up his past and threatening to destroy his future. “See, your wife left you, and we are going to take your only child.”

“Never,” Metaou responded.

When Fidel and other evangelists were in the village, they prayed for Metaou in the name of Jesus, breaking all the bonds that tied him to his past and ordering the demons to leave and never come back into his life. After the prayer, he fell asleep and was no longer bothered by the spirits.

Metaou has since been baptized and is serving God, translating for others when necessary. Praise God for Metaou’s deliverance and God’s Spirit calling people out of the darkness.

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