Koudie Koudie Recipe

A recipe for Koudie koudie:

Take a pound or two of raw peanuts and remove as many skins as you can. Run them through a grinder to make peanut butter. Place the peanut butter into a bowl large enough that it is no more than one-third full. 

Now heat some water over a fire until it is lukewarm. While the water is heating, dissolve a handful of salt in another bowl of water. Mixing with your right hand, add salt water to the peanut butter until it tastes right. Pour a little of the lukewarm water into the peanut butter mixture and stir vigorously. Soon you will see the texture of the peanut butter change from smooth to kind of crumbly. 

Keep mixing with one hand, kind of like you are kneading bread, and keep adding water a little at a time. The point is to remove the oil. After kneading and adding water for about 20 minutes, you should start to see the oil separating out. 

The peanut pulp will be getting harder now, and there will be lots of oil in the bowl. Pour the oil into another bowl. Knead the pulp on a clean board and allow the oil to run into the bowl. 

When you have worked most of the oil out of the peanut dough, roll the dough into short “worms” with pointy ends. Fry them in the peanut oil until they are crispy but not brown. Now you have Koudie koudie! People here pound it up and use it in sauce or eat it for snacks.

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