It’s Planting Time

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Many times in life, we face situations where our actions make the difference in outcomes, regardless of actual or perceived obstacles in the way.

I love gardening. I like to plant, cultivate and harvest. Last year, I planted my garden around Memorial Day but was away on business for about two weeks. This unintended neglect resulted in weeds taking over my garden. But God was in control, even in a garden that looked as though it was only growing weeds, God blessed with a bountiful harvest.

Our missionaries plant the gospel but rarely see the full harvest God has planned, and their life of service cannot be measured by visible earthly success. The weeds and the tares must grow together until God’s harvest comes to fruition.

God takes our seeded efforts and brings forth a great harvest. What if we did not plant, and the missionaries did not serve? There would be no harvest. Many treat their estates with this same neglect, never taking time to create a plan that God could bless. As we plant with a trust or will, we cooperate with the Good Sower, Who will reap an eternal harvest. Now is the time! Plant your seeds in God’s garden.
For information on how to get started with your planting, please call me at (269) 929-7840.

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