In Search of the Unreached

Palawan is a long and narrow island. In southern Palawan, where we live, steep mountains in the middle divide the east and west sides. Most of our work is in villages on the east side of the mountains. I have had a growing burden in my heart to expand the work on the west side. Last Thursday, one of our missionary teachers from the mountains visited our home in the lowlands. He asked me how my plans were going. I told him I was praying about it but was not sure how to proceed.

This missionary teacher, named Sunday, had visited native villages on the west side of Palawan nearly 30 years before as a translator for another AFM missionary, Marc Scalzi. Sunday had some good ideas of how to begin. Feeling this was a providential opening, we planned to go to the west side the next day.

That night, as I was texting fellow missionaries, asking for prayer for our trip, God surprised me with a call from Daniel Lui, my friend and missionary pilot. He offered to fly us over in the helicopter to scout areas with many native people; good locations for expanding the work out west.

The next morning, after praying together for God’s guidance, Sunday, Daniel, Marco (another missionary pilot) and I left in search of unreached villages. The rich green of the deep jungle surrounded us as we flew over mountain tops and into mountain valleys. We saw beautiful waterfalls and native rice fields on the steep mountainsides. But even more exciting was how many Palawano homes we saw so far into the jungle. We found areas that looked promising for future work, especially one just west of what they call Balwing. Next, we will need to go there by land.

Please pray that God will continue to open doors for us to share the good news with unreached people to the west.

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