Imombi School

There are few avenues to education here in the PNG bush. Years ago, previous AFM missionaries helped set up a school at Imombi village, which is located on the mighty Sepik River across from the mouth of the May River. This year, for the first time, the school was able to open as a fully registered school operated by the Sepik Adventist Mission. It has five dedicated teachers and more than 270 students. Many church members from nearby villages board their children with relatives or friends so that they are able to receive an education.

Recently I went with the district pastor to attend a meeting with the schoolteachers and the community held outdoors under some trees. Almost an hour into the meeting, an unstable member of the community came out from one of the nearby houses swinging a three-foot-long bush knife, and the pastor thought it best to escort me back to the school property.

The man was escorted away from the meeting, and I was called back, but this time I sat in the midst of the community rather than close to the front. However, certain elements in the community want control of the school, and it wasn’t too much longer before the meeting broke down.

Satan is never happy when the gospel is being taught, and he is stirring up strong resistance among some members of the community. We ask that you join us in praying that God will be glorified and that Satan’s efforts will fail.

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