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John McGovern, the previous facilities manager of AFM’s training center, was known for his vast knowledge of all maintenance subjects. Whatever the problem, whether it was fixing a car, climate control, ventilation, electrical, plumbing, construction or hanging pictures, he had the solution. Throughout his life, he had worked as a farm-equipment mechanic, auto mechanic, electrician, plumber, apartment manager and independent heating and air conditioning technician. Over his career, he amassed a large collection of tools. “I have a tool for that,” he would say. If your brakes where bad, he had an air compressor, impact driver and sockets. If the air conditioner was bad, he had all the special tools and gauges. If pictures needed to be hung, he had a laser level that projected a level line around the entire room. When my baseboard heat needed checking, he had a heat-sensing tool that would read the temperatures my registers were putting out. Ezekiel 38:7 tells us to get ready and be prepared, and that is just what our facilities manager did.
In planned giving, trusts are the instruments that allow you to be prepared for the future:

• Want your wishes kept private? There’s a trust for that.
• Want your estate to pass to your heirs without estate tax? There’s a trust     for that.
• Want to help someone who needs assistance? There’s a trust for that.
• Want to receive an income for the rest of your life? There’s a trust for that.
• Want to choose who controls your finances if you become incapacitated? There’s a trust for that.
• Want your estate not to pass through probate? There’s a trust for that.

A trust might just be the tool you need to accomplish your wishes for your estate. For more information, contact me, James Petty. I have a tool for that.

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