Housewarming Party

Did you know the term “housewarming” dates back to the 16th century, long before we had central heating? People were invited to the new home to build fires in all the available fireplaces and bring firewood as gifts to warm up the new home.

We had a chance to experience this firsthand, at least in a way. At the beginning of March, we moved into our new home. It sure was cold. We don’t have central heating, and the temperature here still drops to about 38 degrees in the evening. As Floridians, we don’t know how to dress appropriately for this weather. We are still getting used to it.

We moved into our new home and could not get the chill out of the air. I didn’t understand why it was so cold all the time. Even during the day, sometimes it would be warmer outside our home than inside.

Fast forward to my birthday on March 11. We decided to have a combination birthday and housewarming party that weekend. Our house became a home filled with friends we met the first week we arrived and friends we had made just the week before. Almost everyone we invited came and showered me with birthday gifts and housewarming presents. We received candles, slippers for guests to wear when they visit, plants, and a set of beautiful ceramic mugs. But the best gift of all was the warmth that filled our home. For the first time, it felt like we had central heating.

Our friends not only warmed our hearts, but they also warmed our home, and they didn’t even know it. So now “housewarming” has a new meaning for us. It is something needed to live a warmer and happier life in our new home.

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