Helped by a Stranger

My son Luke and I hurried up the mountain trail knowing we were running out of daylight. But despite our best effort, the shadows of night settled around us. We were carrying supplies into Kemantian, which included new flashlights we had purchased that morning, but they were not yet charged. We had one working flashlight, so Luke carried it ahead of me, periodically stopping to shine it back over the trail so I could see.

At last we turned the corner and began the descent into Kemantian. We were comforted to see the first Palawano houses in the Kemantian valley. The second house we passed belonged to a church member named Jun. As we passed, Jun saw our need and came out to lend us his flashlight. My heart was touched by his thoughtful kindness. At the same time, someone offered to carry a small bag I was struggling with because my hands were full. Wow! Then we passed a couple more houses, and someone else offered to carry my heavy backpack down to the clinic for me, a round trip of about 20 minutes. My heart was thrilled by this third kindness from a Palawano man whom I didn’t even know!

These are special people, and I am so thankful that God has called us to share His love with them. Thank you for your prayers and support. God is using you to make a difference here in Palawan.

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