Gas in Short Supply

“My God shall supply all your needs, according to His riches in glory” (Phil. 4:19). Right now here in Benin, there is NO fuel at the stations. No diesel, gas, or petrol. Oh sure, there is a bit of reserve for the projects, but normal people can’t get fuel unless they have a letter stating it is an emergency. All this has something to do with the big gas guys at the port who haven’t been paying their port tax. 

If there is no petrol, that means people out of town don’t have light at night from their lanterns. And most people use a tiny bit each time they cook as starter fluid for their charcoal. If the mills didn’t stock up on fuel, they aren’t running. Fortunately, not that many people are grinding right now. 

Recently, God provided. One day for a few minutes, the gas guys opened up, and we were able to fill the tank of the St. Clair’s truck. Then they closed again, and there was no more.

Last Thursday, we were able to fill the motorcycle tank before everything closed. 

Thanks be to God who provided enough fuel to take someone to the hospital up north for their treatment a couple of times and enough to go to language learning in the village. He’s also given us a couple of good feet and a couple of bicycles that work well.


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