Furlough Ministry

After a recent furlough presentation at a church, a lady came up to me and told me she had felt impressed to come to church that day, and that she would find someone to pray for her skin issues. She didn’t know we were speaking that day, but when I presented the story of a lady in Benin with skin issues, she knew God had brought her to the right place. Fidel and I prayed for her, and we are excited to find out what God will do in her life.

Our ministry doesn’t stop when we are on furlough here in the States. We have the privilege to connect with people and not only tell them about what God is doing in Benin but also lift up their needs. As we talk about the wiles Satan is using in Benin, we remind people that he is active here as well.

At another church, our presentation was streamed on the Internet. After the service, a gentleman came up and said he felt impressed to talk with us, though he didn’t know why. We chatted for a while and then had the privilege of praying for him and his wife.

In another town, a donor gave us some money they had put aside for another ministry. They said that when the time had come to give it to the other ministry, they couldn’t find the money. But when they rediscovered it right before our presentation, they felt led to give it to our mission.

We invite you to pray for us and partner with us to reach our re-launching goals so that we may soon return and continue our ministry among the Pendjari people.

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