Friends Make a Difference

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God has helped me through some tough times. I go to school here in Croatia, and of course, the entire class is taught in the Croatian language. I do know a lot of Croatian, but not every word I need. Since the whole class is in a different language, I usually need more help. My classmate who sits next to me sometimes doesn’t want to help me. I understand, though, since I do need a lot of help.

I kept coming home crying because I couldn’t keep up in school, and I would have more homework because I would fall behind in class. I told my parents, and we decided to pray. Every night, we would pray that my classmate would be more helpful, and after months of praying, I finally started to see my classmate be nicer and more helpful.

God is also teaching me to look at the bright side of things because sometimes we focus so much on the bad or sad things in life that we miss out on the good things, like how I have so many good friends here. They help me with my homework when I don’t understand and make school less frustrating. I am so grateful for the friends God has given me here.

We had our first worship service here, and I invited my friends from school and even my teacher. They couldn’t come, but some of my friends outside of school came, and we were able to worship together. I like inviting my friends to all our community and church events here because I know that’s why we are here: to share the love of God with our friends.

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