Freeing Lisa

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Lisa had been sick for a while, and her family had taken her from hospital to hospital. At the best hospital in the country, which happens to be in our town, they told her that there was nothing physically wrong with her after performing a multitude of tests. It turned out that Lisa’s sickness wasn’t one that medicine could cure. It was a satanic attack.

Lisa had gone to the “Fire Church” where they had burned all her fetish charms and then given her other charms to use, but nothing helped.

At the suggestion of our evangelist, Charles, Lisa started sleeping at a church member’s house. Charles called them every night for prayer. During her time with them, Lisa felt much better, and they had Bible studies together. She chose to accept Jesus as her Savior, but Satan redoubled his attacks. Lisa’s feet swelled up, and she developed serious lower-abdominal pain.

Charles asked me and two other ladies to come, and we spent three hours in prayer for Lisa one Sabbath afternoon. As we arrived, she came out and greeted us. We went into her room and sang; then we read a few verses. She wouldn’t make eye contact with us and was quite withdrawn. Charles asked her to say, “Jesus is Lord,” and she did. Then he asked her to say, “Jesus is my Savior.” She couldn’t, and she started acting strangely. So we started praying for her and rebuking Satan. She slumped down on the mat where she had been sitting. We continued to pray and rebuke the demons. She started writhing and letting out squeals. Finally she relaxed. However, the demons weren’t completely gone yet, so we continued in prayer as she writhed some more. I could tell she wasn’t yet completely free. I called her name a few times until she became conscious of her surroundings. She sat up and looked around like she didn’t know where she was. I told her that she was in her room, and we were praying for her. She said her abdominal pain was better. We finally sang our last song and left.

On Monday morning I went into town and picked up Charles, Lisa and a lady named Alice and drove them back to our property. We gathered chairs, a mat, water and a phone so I could use the camera to document the prayer service. Then we walked to a clearing and started our work. We began with prayer and confession and then sang a song. Then Fidel started praying for Lisa. Immediately she fell unconscious. Alice and I carried her to the mat and laid her down, making sure her clothes were covering her. As each spirit was cast out of her in Jesus’ name, she went through various movements. Toward the end she looked like she was just resting, but the fingers of one hand were making walking motions and moving in a circle. We prayed again, and Fidel ordered the spirits to leave her alone. She gyrated some more and then became calm.

I then slipped away to the house to grab another battery for my phone, and when I got back, Lisa was sitting up and in her right mind. We prayed and sang one more time and praised God for His deliverance. We prayed over the items she had gotten from the Fire Church and burned them. Then I took everyone back to town.

Today, Lisa is a changed person. God has freed her from the demons that kept her imprisoned so long—many of them invited into her by her parents when she was very young. Her health problems are gone, and she is able to move freely. We serve a mighty Savior!

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