Editorial: August 2021

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When you and I face obstacles, do we cheerfully accept them as a challenge, taking them to God and asking for His strength, wisdom and grace, thus, coming out on the other side of the obstacle stronger, wiser and more full of grace toward others? Or are we tempted to feel as if our world is crashing down, and we lose patience, let out a sigh and complain to everyone we know?

When things do not happen when we expect they should, I encourage you to employ patience a little longer and see God’s hand move on our behalf. Even Abraham made the mistake of crafting Plan B, yet there is a better, more obedient path.

We have a choice. When God speaks to us, calling us to some action, respond, “Yes, Lord,” and follow His path. If we put up resistance and avoid His call and say, “No!” the journey may be rougher until we finally soften our hearts and obey. We then wonder why we ever resisted.

Like Paul, always trust God and learn to gracefully accept all things and be content. Or, if we have not quite rounded that corner yet but still have a teachable spirit from our compassionate Savior, be willing to take that next opportunity to allow God to form you in His image.

Ultimately, our actions depend on our attitudes and choices. In this issue, you will uncover stories of real people facing situations just like you, some of whom at times come up a bit short of enthusiastically saying, “Yes, Lord.” Yet, the still, small voice of God pursues them, and they choose to follow where the Master leads them, ultimately finding themselves blessed as they bless others. 

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