Editorial: April 2022

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War has erupted in Ukraine. Each day, innocents lose their lives, and millions flee their homeland, hoping a neighboring country will welcome them. I am reminded of Jesus’ parable in Luke 10:25-37: Who is our neighbor? I am also reminded of Matthew 25:31-46: How you treat others is how you treat Me.
Will we care for our neighbors—the millions worldwide displaced because of the sin that resides in human hearts. Will we give a cup of kindness, shelter for weary bones, and the warmth of Jesus’ love stitched into the hem of a blanket or change of clothes?

AFM’s Refugee Ministry, working with local relief agencies, has assisted the displaced in camps within the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. Through the ministry, your generosity has supplied latrines, showers, kitchen facilities and other non-food items and introduced them to Jesus Christ, leading to baptisms.
In the dark hours of March 2, AFM-Europe, one of our newest sister organizations, distributed diapers and personal hygiene products to many grateful Ukrainians crossing into Romania. Thanks to your donations to our refugee ministry, this work continues in collaboration with local Adventist churches and ADRA.  Additionally, AFM-Europe will soon be handing out copies of the Bible, Steps to Christ, The Great Controversy and GLOW tracts, along with the relief items. Visit our Adventist Frontier Missions page on YouTube to watch our Ukraine Report.

The Bible is replete with refugee stories—including our Savior and His family, Moses, and the newly-freed Israelite slaves. Likewise, Christ’s followers through all ages remain refugees, faithfully pursuing a better land where God resides and reigns. A time is soon coming when Sabbathkeepers worldwide, faithful to true worship, will also be forced from their homes as they flee persecution. But God “will keep you strong to the end . . . He is faithful . . . and He has invited you into partnership with His Son” (1 Corinthians 1:8-9, NLT).

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