Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

We finally made it to training. By the time you read this article, we will be halfway through our three-month training session in Michigan.

As we ventured on our long road trip from Florida, we came across a few bumps in the road, which are to be expected as we are on this new adventure with Christ. Our little Abigail who is seven, began to internalize her worries in making the transition to Michigan. She worried about being away from her family, friends and church community. She worried about the unknown, like who would be homeschooling her while her dad and I are in training. These are very common and normal concerns, but internalizing them stirs up a whole new set of problems. Her stomach began to tighten up with cramps that lasted for weeks, along with a few other serious symptoms that landed her in the emergency room. Once the doctors cleared her for travel, we decided to skip a few states and some sightseeing and, instead, take the shortest route to Michigan for Abby to have enough time to get acclimated to the new environment.

As exciting as this is for us, we are reminded that not everyone processes change the same way. Levi, our 5-year-old, takes one day at a time and truly lives out the guidance found in Matthew 6:34, “to not worry about tomorrow.” Some struggle with this concept, though. So our new family creed, at least for this season of training, will be from Matthew 6 as we remind ourselves to not worry about tomorrow, for God will provide all of our needs as we get one step closer to launching.

There is much change happening for our family, and it is just the beginning. We appreciate your prayers and support as we enter into the transition phase of being missionaries.

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