Crying In the Dark

When Levi was a baby, he had a hard time sleeping in his crib. He would often wake up in tears before the sun rose, calling out for Mami or Papi. Sometimes he didn’t even know what he was crying about. It was hard for me to wake up from a not-so-restful night and leave my nice, warm bed to stumble toward Levi’s room. My only motivation to get up was love for my crying son who was calling out my name.

Often I just held him in my arms and rocked him back to sleep. Safe in my arms, he felt the warmth and comfort of his father’s love. As I sang to him, his tears would eventually stop.

Ninety-nine sheep were in the safety of the Father’s love. How inconvenient it was for the Shepherd to leave those dear ones to find the sheep who strayed. We, like this sheep, find ourselves in sin and crying out in the darkness. Our Father’s only motivation is His love for us, His children, who are crying out His name.

Like my son, we often cry without knowing why, but our Father knows. He answers by sending those who, themselves, have cried out in the dark, confusing nights.

Who will go and rescue this lost little one? Who will help those who are being sent? We know how it feels to be rescued by the Father who wipes our tears and holds us in the comfort of His arms. But have we forgotten how it feels to be out in that darkness alone, crying out for comfort?

May we always preach the gospel wherever we go, remembering that we were once lost sheep, too.

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