Convincing a Skeptic

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Andy is a young university student we met in one of the villages. Most of the year, he is away in the South attending school. During vacations, he comes back to the village. He has studied with various church groups but was never convinced. 

Then one day he returned from the university to discover that his father had been freed from demonic oppression, and Fidel and I were holding meetings in front of his father’s house. He was skeptical, and he asked us complicated questions to try to rattle us, but we answered him plainly. 

Andy kept attending the meetings and asking questions. He saw that what our group was teaching was very different from what others were teaching. When his school faculty went on strike, he suddenly had lots of time to attend our meetings, study more deeply and ask questions.

Finally Andy was convinced that this was something he wanted for himself. He accepted God as his Savior. He was the first of 27 people baptized in his village in our first baptism there. 

The new members in this village are planning to start making bricks and building a church as soon as the rainy season ends. Please pray for Andy and all his new brothers and sisters in Christ.

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