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I last wrote about Clarisse in the October issue.

Our team was praying to deliver Clarisse from Satan’s possessions and attacks. We burned items which connected her to Satan. And, for a time, Clarisse experienced freedom.

Recently, Clarisse came to our house all hunched over in pain and walking like she was carrying a heavy load on her shoulders. Because it was already evening, and we live a ways from town, I took her to the living room, gave her a chair and water, and went to talk with Fidel. It seemed to me that she was experiencing a satanic attack and had nothing that required a visit to the hospital.

When Fidel came to the living room, he and I started singing and praying. Clarisse then went into a trance. When she is under attack, she doesn’t know what is going on around her. So we rebuked Satan, and she started squirming in her chair. Because the attacks sometimes take people to the floor, I had brought out the mat just in case. But this time, she stayed in the chair. The lower part of her stomach area started moving weirdly like something in there wanted to get out. We continued to pray and rebuke Satan, and finally, she was freed. As it was already night, I took Clarisse home.

Shortly after, Clarisse went to the doctor for ten days of treatment for an issue and was instructed to return at a later date. When she returned to the doctor 12 days later, she was in tremendous pain, so he gave her some medication. When she took the pill, her whole body began to hurt so they told her to stop taking them. Taking advantage of her poor health, Satan then sent her into depression, trying to get her to kill herself. When we learned of this, we engaged in spiritual warfare on her behalf, and I prayed every time I woke up that night. The next day, she was better.

But Satan wasn’t finished with her yet.

Two days later, Clarisse arrived at our house about 11 in the morning. She looked winded and hunched over as before. So I gave her some water and took her to the living room, where I had her lay on the couch while I went and talked to Fidel. He had felt prompted by God to stay at home that day.

It was then that I saw an unfamiliar man with a motorcycle. He told us that he had brought Clarisse, and she had wanted him to wait. Fidel let him know that waiting was not necessary, but the man said he wanted to see Clarisse first. Moments later, Clarisse appeared and told him he could go, and, with that, he left.

Fidel then came to the living room and we started to sing. This time Ester, our student missionary who was working in the room, joined us in singing. Clarisse immediately went into her trance-like state. The spirits that had again possessed her started to react to the singing. She twisted and turned, cried some and stretched. I came and put my hand on her stomach, and then Fidel prayed and rebuked Satan. After about 30 minutes, she finally was free again.

After resting awhile, Clarisse woke up and glanced around with a lost look upon her face. Finally, she recognized both Ester and me and greeted us as if she had just arrived.

“Have I been here since morning?” Clarisse asked.

“No. A man with a motorcycle brought you about 11:00 this morning. Who is he?”

“I don’t know,” Clarisse said. “I don’t even remember arriving.”

Thinking that perhaps the man was a neighbor, I briefly described him to her, but she didn’t know who it was. We knew he hadn’t taken any money from us, nor from her when he left, so he wasn’t a motorcycle taxi driver.

“Do you remember us praying for you or singing?” I asked.

“No,” Clarisse replied.

“What did you see, or what did you feel during the time you were laying on the couch?” I asked.

She responded, “It felt like the demons were holding my left leg and left arm in a fire.”

Upon finishing the deliverance ministry, Clarisse’s respiration returned to normal. Her pain was gone, her lower stomach was no longer hurting or moving wildly, and she was fully lucid again.

Although we did not realize it earlier that day, God sent an angel to return Clarisse to us for deliverance. Whether he was indeed an angel or God had directed this man to bring her to us, we may never know this side of eternity. Nevertheless, God had kept Fidel at home that day and arranged it so He could free Clarisse through us. May God be praised! He is our strong deliverer and fortress, and He directs our paths.

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