Bike Accident

In Benin, riding a bike isn’t always the safest way to get around. And when the roads have big potholes, there is even more danger. 

One evening André and Immanuel were on a bike together heading home after a day of work in the fields. On a stretch of the main highway that many trucks use, they came to a spot where a truck was approaching them in the oncoming lane, and another truck was overtaking them from behind. As the oncoming truck swerved into their lane to avoid a pothole, the truck behind them swerved to the right, hitting the bike’s back tire. André and Immanuel flew off the road and down into a gully, landing in the bushes at the bottom. Stunned, they sat up and saw that neither of them was seriously hurt. 

The driver of the truck that had struck them was panicking. He was sure one or both of them were dead, which would mean prison for him. But he found them both very much alive and took them with their bike to the hospital and then to the police station across the street. He paid for their hospital visit and stuck around until the police decided that they were fine and he could go.
André had a few scrapes and a sprained shoulder, and Immanuel had bruised ribs and some bigger scrapes. You can imagine the relief of the driver when he found that their God had protected them.

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