Like most people here in Benin, Ben knew there was a Creator God, but he chose to deal with the fetishes instead. He never felt fulfilled. 

One day he was sitting under a shade tree chatting with two friends when two men they had never seen before walked up and started talking with them about God. As they talked together, Ben felt a powerful presence with the two men and was drawn to their words. Finally one of them, Fidel, asked him and his two friends if they would like to give their lives to God. Ben thought a few moments and responded that he would. Fidel prayed with him, and he committed himself to God. 

Then the persecution started. Ben and his wife and children all began getting sick. He told Fidel about this, and Fidel prayed for him and his family. God healed all of them miraculously. Ben began to understand that God was stronger than any illness and any false god, and his faith grew. 

Just a few weeks ago, Ben became the first one in his village to be baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He is a mover in his village and has already convinced his family to donate some land for a church that will soon be built. Please pray for Ben and all the others in his village as they grow in grace and in favor with God and man.

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