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I had plans for a very informative article laying out the benefits of wills, trusts, qualified charitable distributions and charitable gift annuities. I wanted to write an article that highlighted planned giving and trust services as well as the wisdom in having a plan.

Then the Coronavirus exploded onto the scene, and my planned article just didn’t seem relevant to the moment. People were quarantined at home, many lost their jobs, businesses closed, and even churches and church events were canceled. The virus has affected all of us. A privileged few have been able to work from home, but many sources of income have simply dried up in the wake of this pandemic.

The fundraising aspect of AFM is vastly different now. Our missionaries trying to raise support can no longer make in-home visits. Travel is difficult, churches are closed, and many folks just aren’t willing to risk having personal interactions with anyone, even our missionaries.

Throughout my tenure at AFM, many donors have told me, “I have this money set aside, and I’m waiting until God tells me it’s the right time to give.” With the CARES act, your donations in 2020 could be deductible up to 100% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). If this virus has taught me anything, it is that time is short, financial situations can change in an instant, and maybe—just maybe—God has given us these funds “for such a time as this.”

Please place this matter at God’s feet. Allow Him to tell you if this is the time He wants you to use your funds to reach the unreached of this world.

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