A Tribute to You

A tribute to you—the people who make these projects possible through monetary support and prayers to our God. You are the ones who make it possible to work on the frontline in the power of God.

Through the years, month by month, you have faithfully supported first the Otammari project and later the Pendjari project. Some of you give a bit of your small pension each month, while others get a job in their golden years to help support missions. Some of you were also missionaries at one time and are now supporting the newer generation as they go and take the gospel to the unreached.

Some of you have inherited large sums of money and cheerfully give a portion to help others learn of Jesus. Others of you scrimp and save so you can send a small monthly sum to help support one or more missionaries.

There are those of you still in the prime of life who are working long hours and, though busy with life, still take the time to think of those of us overseas spreading the Word of God. Others of you are children, and in your heart, God has ignited a desire to start collections or organize some means of sending a small sum of money to help other children know Him.

Thank you to all that have supported and continue to support the work in Benin and the other projects in the world. Thank you for all the prayers that you pray for our work and that of other projects. God is working mightily in response to your prayers. May you be richly blessed in all you do. 

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