A Mother’s Faithful Prayer

Prince was quite sick with malaria, and his health was going downhill. “We need to go to the hospital. Now!” his mother, Alice, said to his father.
“But it is pouring outside,” he replied. Still, Alice insisted that they needed to go now and not later.

Despite having only about 25 cents in her pocket, they headed to the hospital. Alice called Fidel to ask if we had some money to help fund the account the hospital would require. After arrival and admittance to the emergency room,  Alice headed to the cashier and waited for Fidel, who brought 40 dollars. In the meantime, Prince’s father was also trying to borrow some money.

The hospital started Prince on an IV of malaria medication and an antibiotic when they realized he was showing symptoms, including blood in his urine. Because his father’s blood matched his own, they quickly did a blood transfusion. Almost as soon as he began showing signs of improvement, he started to urinate the blood back out again.

When I went there to pray for Prince, Alice showed me how much blood was coming out. Even in a black bucket, you could see that there was a lot of blood in the urine. After two days, his complexion was very white. The hospital kept giving him antibiotics, but they did not seem to be doing any good. After a week and a half, Alice asked the doctors why the bleeding would not stop. They said they were doing all they knew to do, but the blood would not stop.

Alice then cried out to God, “I know I serve a mighty God. Please don’t leave me. All the pagans come to the hospital and leave with their children healed, but we are still here. Please heal my child and let me not be ashamed.” Alice continued praying for over two hours, and God worked a miracle. The blood stopped. God showed His might to the hospital staff and the doctors, who saw how God had healed Prince, and they started asking questions about her church and God.

On Sabbath, the family was in church to give glory to God for what He had done. This is only one of the many trials our church members have faced in the past month. Satan is doing his best to attack the people of God. Prince was attacked because his father was supposed to participate in a religious ceremony and had not attended. Satan is not happy when believers disrupt his territory and those who serve him. However, God has the ultimate power and rules with mercy on behalf of those who love and serve Him. 

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