Jeffrey Cheung

Short-Term Missionary, serving the Thai of Southern Thailand since 2024.

Jeffrey was raised by loving parents and attended Catholic church. He recollects that he did not seriously contemplate spirituality, even though he was also exposed to Chinese philosophical and religious beliefs. After an existential crisis in his early twenties; he explored Buddhism, New Age and some Hinduism before coming to Christ. However, he still valued the world more than eternal things.

In early 2024, he was re-baptized through the Seventh-day Adventist church following a deeper study of the scriptures and experiencing God’s word come alive. He is grateful that God is helping him to hate sin, and realizing his desperate need for Jesus. He is striving to surrender himself fully to God, and allow for the Master Potter to mold and prepare him to be fit for heaven.

He will soon be joining the Wilsons, to serve the people of Southern Thailand.

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