Celeste Diaz-Vazquez

Serving on the Central Thai of Thailand project as a Short-term missionary from 2022.

Celeste Diaz-Vazquez worked as a missionary and copyeditor/proofreader for eight years. She is looking forward to putting her musical training to use in service as a short-term missionary music teacher in Thailand. She hopes to share Jesus with people who do not know Him and pay forward the mission efforts of those who have touched her life.

Frontier Stories

Why Am I Here?

God has never overlooked one of my talents or experiences. I have more life lessons to learn and so many ways to grow in service to God.

By: Celeste Diaz-Vazquez
November 01 2023, 10:57 am | Comments 0

Divine Lake Appointment

Suddenly, Jenny asked me if I could be her god. I was so shocked that I was not sure how to reply at first.

By: Celeste Diaz-Vazquez
September 01 2023, 8:57 am | Comments 0

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