Vanius & Elisabete Dias

Team Missionaries since 2021, serving the Geba Animists project in Guinea-Bissau.

Brazilian Donors

You may donate to this mission project using the information provided on the website.

Frontier Stories

More Than a Barber

Going for a haircut, shopping or purchasing gas. They can be powerful opportunities to share God’s love.

By: Vanius Dias
January 01 2023, 8:47 am | Comments 0

A New Name

We are confident that God will use him to reach many family members and others who need to know how much the Savior loves them.

By: Vanius Dias
December 01 2022, 4:33 pm | Comments 0

Never Give Up

We can move forward smiling from ear to ear, confident that the One who called us will do the work through us and in us.

By: Vanius Dias
September 01 2022, 11:23 am | Comments 0

The Language of Love

Praise God for the gift of tongues and the gift of love. Thank you for joining us in serving the people of Guinea-Bissau.

By: Vanius Dias
July 01 2022, 10:14 am | Comments 0

Caring Like Jesus Cared

Guinea-Bissau is a small country in West Africa.

By: Vanius & Elisabete Dias
June 08 2022, 10:33 am | Comments 0

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