Sara Ferguson

Career missionary since 2018 to the Tai-Kadai of Southeast Asia.

The very word “Missionary” stirred my heart as a child. Listening to Eric B Hare’s stories, and reading accounts by countless other missionaries were life-changing. Very early I decided to be a missionary doctor when I grew up. But life didn’t go as planned, and my dreams of overseas mission service slowly faded. Still a missionary at heart, I viewed my work, wherever it was, as my mission field. As a supporter of front line missionaries, I looked forward to reading about “my missionaries” in each month’s AFM magazine. The day before Thanksgiving 2017, I accepted a call to move from support team member to front line missions. Thank you for partnering with me as I make plans to share Jesus’ love with the Tai-Kadai.

Frontier Stories

Rocking Chair Reflections

In this land where traditional evangelism is not allowed, hearts are reached and changed by how one lives out their Christianity in moment-by-moment interactions with people.

By: Sara Ferguson
September 01 2021, 10:18 am | Comments 0

His New Name

I was awed and humbled by Gong Tong’s story. It reminded me of how much Tai Kadai people often have to give up when they choose Jesus. It also reminded me of God’s promise to those who experience salvation: “You shall be called by a new name.” Isaiah 62:2 NKJV

By: Sara Ferguson
July 01 2021, 8:35 am | Comments 0

The Funeral

The seeds of God’s love, planted by Sister Nona’s life and watered by the church members’ outpouring of love at her funeral, have resulted in new life.

By: Sara Ferguson
September 01 2020, 9:01 am | Comments 0

Look Up

As I drove back home, I reflected on the wonders of nature, God’s second book. I was particularly impressed by the lesson I had learned that morning from the yellow bittern. “Lord, when I’m overwhelmed by life and faced with fears, help me to instinctively look up and keep looking to You until the danger passes.”

By: Sara Ferguson
June 01 2020, 3:09 pm | Comments 0

IT Snapshots

Lin’s aging computer, which froze up and crashed regularly, had sole access to the accounting software.

By: Sara Ferguson
February 01 2020, 2:00 pm | Comments 0

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