Rose Russell

Student Missionary for 2017-2018, serving the Great River People of Cambodia.

I am a nurse going to assist Boaz and Ruth Church at the Great River Project.

Frontier Stories


Praise, Affirmations, and Faith.

By: Rose Russell
April 24 2018, 8:54 am | Comments 1

L&L Transport Services

20 feet of bamboo and Cranky Grandma

By: Rose Russell
March 12 2018, 11:37 pm | Comments 1

I Belong to Jesus

When I come back this evening, maybe, just maybe, someone will ask me again, “Are you Muslim?” and I will happily answer again, “I belong to Jesus!”

By: Rose Russell
March 01 2018, 3:24 am | Comments 1

Catfish and IVs

One of these days I’m going to break through this floor and that will be the end of me.

By: Rose Russell
December 14 2017, 5:21 am | Comments 0

Throwing Up Nails

The bottle held several nails, some of them long and rusted. But she hadn’t eaten any nails so why did she throw them up?

By: Rose Russell
November 28 2017, 10:02 pm | Comments 0

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