For the Want of Men and Women

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I’m sitting with an old friend of mine, Hanh. She isn’t an evangelist, but she is on fire for Christ. She passionately shares with me about the plans she and her husband are making to move to another city in central Sinim for six to eight months.

“Oh? Why?” I inquire.

“For ministry!” She smiles as she excitedly details the growing need to witness to the Sinim in the central region. Since she is able to work remotely, she has decided to move temporarily because she wants to go where God’s word needs to be heard.

I wish I could say that this young lady and her husband were going to minister to the unreached under the banner of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. However, a couple years ago she was pulled into a church started by a man who left the Adventist Church and claims to be “Christ in the flesh.”

On another evening, Eun Joy and I visit our friend Tinh’s Bible-study group of twenty-something-year-olds. After a round of loud, earnest singing of praises, we go through a line-by-line Bible study. This is clearly a group of God-fearing and Bible-believing young men and women who exhort one another to abstain from the ways of the world, drinking and sexual immorality. At the end, they bring out fruit and small snacks and enjoy fellowship together. As we are leaving, Tinh and his friends invite us to join them on Sunday morning at their church. My heart aches. Though these young people have a wrong understanding of the Bible and prophecy, their energy and passion for God drive their plans and draw people. I would love to see such energy and passion in our church.
To me, it all confirms what Christ prophesied long ago. “Then He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.’”

The unreached are not unreached for want of spiritual interest. Neither are they unreached because God has no interest in them. They are unreached for want of laborers—men and women who not only preach the three angels’ messages but are willing to own that prophecy for our church and do anything possible to take it to the unreached. Surely God wouldn’t call the vast majority of believers to clump together in the places where it is easiest to hear the gospel. We must not miss out on the harvest while others are scooping them up with open arms!

If you haven’t yet, won’t you pray and ask whether you are among the laborers God is calling to harvest among the unreached?