Editorial: February 2021

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There are times in life when ministry can seem impossible. When you are under attack; when the battle comes to your home; when those you love are in danger—those are the times when thoughts of personal witness and ministry can be driven away, and anger, defensiveness and the practicalities of fighting back against the chaos take over.

And yet these moments when ministry is the last thing on our minds—these are powerful opportunities to let our light shine like never before. This is the choice that Raphael made (p. 12).

In Benin, West Africa, the cradle of the voodoo belief system, taking a stand for Jesus means declining to participate in the spirit ceremonies of baby dedication and teen initiation. This stand comes with a terrible price of family and community pressure and disapproval. Worse yet, angry spirits may mark your children for death.

When Raphael chose to suffer all of this derision and danger and place the life of his baby in God’s hands, he set the stage for a public showdown between the spiritual prince of Benin and Almighty God. What will happen next? The entire community is watching with bated breath.

Are your life circumstances tempting you to react in fear? Are you despised and under attack? Perhaps you are being given a gift like Raphael’s—an opportunity to shine like never before for your Savior.