Why I Love My Job

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When I was recently asked why I like my job, I could have given an answer within seconds. But I resisted. Instead, I sat there and thought for a while. Several reasons came to mind, but my thoughts distilled those down to two.

The first reason I love my job is that over the years I have gotten to see how good and faithful God is. I could actually look over my whole life and make the same statement. But the past 14 years have been chock full of miracles and answers to prayer. When we needed homes to live in, God provided. When we were feeling lonely or needed people to nurture us into their language and culture, God placed them in our lives. When our kids needed friends, God provided playmates. In spite of protests, bombings, attempted coups, earthquakes, health issues, deaths, etc., God was always with us, protected us and helped us endure. I know from experience that God is good and faithful!

The second reason I love my job is that it gives me the chance to be challenged and grow, and to see others grow spiritually, professionally, socially and emotionally. I firmly believe that God prepares us to be the people we need to be to do the job He has prepared for us. Preparation doesn’t happen overnight, and I have personally witnessed that it often takes weeks, months and years. In short, right now I am not the person I need to be to do the job God has prepared for me three years from now. But my experience shows me that He will prepare me for that job over the next three years. Amen!

As an AFM missionary and field director, I also get to see and influence growth in seekers and missionaries alike. It is amazing to disciple someone as they wrestle with the decision to surrender to Jesus, to grow in Christ, to live and minister cross culturally, and to wrestle with the realities of raising children in a foreign land. I have rejoiced with missionaries when they became parents. I have cried with those who mourn the deaths of loved ones. I have celebrated birthdays, weddings and graduations. Through all of these things we grew together and closer to God. We were learning what it means to be fully surrendered to Jesus, growing in His grace. We were becoming the people we need to be to do the job God has called us to do.

I praise the Lord for being so good and faithful, abounding in grace, and for giving me a career that challenges me to grow and to be a catalyzer of growth.