The Little Missionaries

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When we decided to work in Guinea-Bissau, our first worry was the children. How can we protect them? Will they be able to make friends? Will they be able to adapt there? If you have children, you can understand.

In Guinea-Bissau, foreign children are easily noticed and are a reason for curiosity, mainly by other children. When we moved into the Antula neighborhood, our home quickly filled with children wanting to get to know our little ones, Matheus (3 years old) and Manuela (1 year old).

One child called Campi (7 years old) was always in our home playing with Matheus and Manuela. He would arrive at 11:00 a.m. and stay with us until 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Matheus and Campi became good friends. Every day, Matheus watched gospel movies and listened to music with Campi. We realized that God was not just giving a new friend to Matheus, but He was showing us that there is no set age to be a missionary.

Sometime later, we started our small group on Fridays, and Campi was there. After that, we started a small group for children, and Campi was there, too. When we opened the Adventure Club one year later, Campi was there, and now he is a very involved Pathfinder and is preaching the Word of God to his parents. Many times, he invites his parents to church. We are trying to befriend his family. We believe Campi will be baptized very soon and be a great blessing to others.

We thank God for helping us understand that He is caring for our children. We also thank God for the opportunity to see our children grow as missionaries. Today, it is clear to me that God did not just call me to the field, but He called and empowered my entire family to be light in a dark world.

Please pray for the children in Guinea-Bissau and the little missionaries around the world.