Sryneang’s Testimony

Image for Sryneang’s Testimony

“Ever since I met you I’ve had more peace than I’ve ever had in my life. Every breath this last year has been a prayer for mercy, and God has given me over and above what I hoped. I wanted Jesus Christ to be my only Lord back when I had only been to church with you a few times, back before I was in the hospital with my son Manan for nine months. Then the doctor saw me reading the books you gave me and invited me to his church. He even bought us cherries since they are good for the red-blood-cell count. The other people in our hospital were great, and we got along well. I never thought I would see Manan doing so well again. God also saved my husband Vannah’s life when his truck brakes went out.

“God is saving our marriage, too. When Vannah was sent to prison, I went into debt to pay his bail only partly because I pitied him living in a cell with 40 other prisoners and no toilet. I also figured that the sooner he was out, the sooner I could be rid of him from my life. I told him I would be better off without him. He begged me for one more chance. That’s when you started praying with us three times a day. Vannah was like the lost sheep, but God Jesus Christ wants to find him.

“I longed for the day my son would be out of the hospital, and I could come to church with you again. I made a special request to reschedule our follow-up visits so we could be home on Sabbaths. People ask me if I sold my land to you for such a good price because I wanted foreigners next to me. When you asked about purchasing our land, I thought you were joking. I know it was the Holy Spirit who made me want to sell it to you instead of to so many others who wanted to buy it.

“The Holy Spirit is better than anything. He helps my emotions and gives a steady stream of blessings. Now my neighbors say they are all wondering if I have become the same as you because I go to church with you. I tell them that Jesus Christ is the only lord of my life. I want to be out of debt. I have given my life to God. I don’t need anything more.

“We will probably have to sell our house and go live with my mom in Phnom Khiev to get out of debt. Is there a church there? I have many friends there, and I want to invite them all and tell them to believe in God.”

This is the testimony our dear friend and neighbor Sryneang shared with me today. Her son is leukemia-free after nine months of treatment. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue praying for this precious family, especially for Vannah, that they will have new hearts in Christ and freedom from some bad habits. Please pray for our nurse friend Soty also. The clinic is finished and has been open for about a month now. It is in Phnom Khiev, the same village where Sryneang plans to move. Soty and his wife Vahiroh are recently pregnant. Pray for a healthy pregnancy and birth and that Soty and Vahiroh would desire to be baptized soon.