Making Friends

Image for Making Friends

What is that smell? Is it always this noisy? When will people stop pinching my cheeks? Why do drivers here honk their horn so much? Does the air pollution ever get better?

The three kids in the River family have been asking their parents these and many other questions since the family’s recent launch to the Sinim Project.

While visiting the River family in November, we rejoiced as we watched them making friends with the locals. Despite their culture shock and having to make many new adjustments to the Sinim way of life, the Rivers’ dedication to engaging with the people has already made their life more bearable in this initial phase.

For example, the Rivers hired workers to install closeable windows in their bedrooms to protect their family from the highly polluted air and loud traffic noise in their big city. This has given the River family opportunities to build friendships with the workers.

We are always amazed at how God brings people into missionaries’ lives. Not only do the missionaries bless the people and share Jesus with them, but these new friends are a blessing to the missionaries, too. They help the missionaries navigate the culture and bring outside-the-box thinking to the problems they face each day.

We look forward to seeing how the Lord will use the River family to bring Christ to the Sinim people. Please pray for the River family as they become bright lights in a darkened land.